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Service and Repair

We have a free pickup and delivery, 24/7 emergency service availability, a highly skilled technical staff and three repair facilities that support all listed services.

If you don't see it listed, please call. We are known for our capability to meet client need. Please contact Sales and Service for your specific need.

Visit the Sales pages for additional information.  We offer free pickup and delivery.

[email protected]
920.922.9200, toll free 800.499.9222

Types of Service and / or Repair

  • Contracted - Preventive and Repair 
  • Field Services 
  • Electric / Electronic Repair
  • Mechanical Repair
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Surge Testing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Core Testing
  • Power Systems
  • AC/DC Drive Repair and Maintenance
  • Mechanical Apparatus Repair and Maintenance
  • Electrical Winding and Analysis
  • Thermographic Surveys
  • Ultrasound Testing
  • In-House Printed Circuit Board Repair 
  • Switchgear / Circuit Breakers / Disconnects
  • Thermo Imaging

We have a complete machine servicing and testing capability that will meet all of your rotating / mechanical apparatus repair needs.

WW Electric has three repair facilities serving all of central and south Wisconsin. 

Our insulation systems included Class F and Class H. In addition, our computer redesign program makes it possible to redesign and rewind motors to a different voltage, horsepower, and RPM, as required by your specs.

For a complete list of
Services and Products we provide,

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